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Introducing    FUNNEL STICKS
                         Patent Pending

Everyone loves funnel cake...the favorite original carnival treat!  We've taken that "old favorite"...and made it EASIER and BETTER!  Easier for YOU (the concessionaire) and better for your customers! FUNNEL STICKS are the only fried dough product on a stick which makes them the perfect portable addition to your menu!  FUNNEL STICKS are a pre-bake product developed to dramatically reduce prep and cook times, absorbs virtually NO oil which means...NO flavor transfer!  This allows you to prepare our product in any fryer in the park! 

With FUNNEL STICKS, your customers will enjoy a hot, freshly cooked, delightfully crunchy on the outside - light and airy on the inside... true walk around carnival treat!  From the bag to the fryer, topped with one of our 4 delicious glazes, sprinkled with powdered sugar and in the customer's hand in less than 3 MINUTES!!!  Fun to eat...easy to carry...these delicious treats are perfect for the whole family!  For more detailed information, visit our Product Info and Pricing pages.

Offer variety with our 4 delicious glazes and watch your sales soar!

Vanilla, Chocolate, 
Strawberry and Caramel

Patent Pending

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